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Advance Care Transit Service 

Our company is small and locally based, meaning we can provide our passengers with personal care and individual attention that bigger companies can't. We have a special relationship with our clients, and most of our customers are returning regulars with whom we share friendships.



Our highest priority is that our customers feel safe, comfortable, and respected at all times. We prioritize coordinating with families and care facilities, welcome caregivers to ride along with patients for appointments, strive to arrive for appointments 10-15 minutes early, and minimize wait times for pick-up after appointments.

Our dedication to the integrity, friendship, and well-being of our clients have made all the difference to the Athens area and surrounding communities. By staying true to our values and the people we serve, we are helping the senior members of our community maintain their independence. Even better, we are blessed by the friendships and personal connections we make each and every day.​​


Safety: Our drivers are drug tested and properly licensed, and we are personally dedicated to your safety during your ride. Our vans are wheelchair accessible and comfortable.


Reliable and Affordable 

We plan and schedule our rides with first-hand knowledge of the local area to ensure prompt arrival and pickup. We understand the frustration of waiting for your ride, and we want to help you avoid it. We also work to keep our prices fair for our clients and community.

We offer transportation for the following purposes: 

  • Medical Appointments  

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Errands

  • Beauty Shop

  • Pharmacy 

  • Church 

  • Social Gatherings

Service Area:

  • Athens

  • Oconee

  • Bogart

  • Monroe 

  • Winder 

  • Jefferson

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